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MangDub's: MANG DUB - 1999-2000

Mang Dub's first 'official' release! This self-titled album features re-recorded songs from the HubCap House as well as all new original compositions written and performed by Mang Dub. All tracks were recorded in the living room of the now legendary MangDub Studio and were engineered by the wicked dubslayer Steve DiGregorio. This album has received rave reviews and has sold-out since it was released by I-Town Records and sold on the road by John Brown's Body band. Be sure to read what they say about MangDub.

This is the quintessential MangDub album and is no longer available, so please check out these MP3's and enjoy!

MangDub's: Mang Dub
Riot Squad
The Water Zombie's Dub
Dub Re-animator
Rockers Hi-Fi
The Walking Dead
Rid The Earth of all its oceans
King Solomon's Grave
Collie Calling
Jah Know
The Vampire Drains with Serpentine Fangs
Riot Squad (cygorhex attacks remix)
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